Installing a NTFS driver (NTFS-3g) on Mac OS X to get read and write access

The installation of a NTFS driver on Mac OS X for read and write access is actually covered on many websites, so I just write this entry to summarize the installation process and to write about my experience with the driver.

First, you need to install MacFUSE, which “makes it possible to implement a fully functional file system in a user-space program on Mac OS X”. Download the dmg file from the website (Version 1.7 at the time of writing), open it and run MacFUSE.pkg.

Second, download the actual NTFS-3g driver for OSX – there are two version:

Open the dmg file and run NTFS-3G.pkg. Reboot is required. Read the NTFS-3G User Guide about disabling the (unsafe) ublio caching overall or only for some drives. I’ll do some tests about speed later.


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