GTK-Framework for Mac OS X (as well as cairo, pango, ….)

There is no official GTK framework for Mac OS X available. They are working hard on it, but in the moment you are forced to compile the framework on your own, though the instructions don’t look that complicated. You could also use macports or fink, but when I use them I always encounter some problems, if a package doesn’t compile. I found an easy and fast solution to install the GTK framework for Mac OS X (using X11) and you also get cairo, pango and other libraries of the GTK project. Actually it’s done in two simple steps:

  1. Download the GTK_2.18.5-X11.pkg package from and install it
  2. Add to your .profile file in the home directory:
  3. export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/GTK+.framework/Resources/bin:$PATH

Start and pkg-config is available, which is needed for configure or cmake. That’s it. I actually needed only the cairo and pango library to test the cairo drivers of PLplot on Mac OS X and so far this works without problems. Next I’ll try to compile Gnuplot and and see if this works.

4 thoughts on “GTK-Framework for Mac OS X (as well as cairo, pango, ….)

  1. obviously being an X11-based version of GTK+, this framework won’t offer you the nice OS X integration that the ‘native’ framework offers.

    Have you tried the Homebrew build of GTK? Apparently that could make things a bit easier, and I’m looking forward to trying it…

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