This is a sad, sad song …

The new album of Clara LuziaThe long memory” was the Album of the week in FM4 in the first week of May. The song “Morning light” is a very good song, well arranged and produced – it’s just a wonderful song. There is also a video of this song which was published at youtube:

The cool thing about that is that Clara Luzia is actually an Austrian band and it’s not taken for granted that you have a lot of such bands in this country … Visit also their myspace account to listen to other songs.

1 thought on “This is a sad, sad song …

  1. heeeyyss
    heh, i randomly came by this site caus i needed some sad songs for my computer… xD
    i know i know… That it sounds retarded and really really sad xDxD
    Anyways… cya

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