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Once you have installed cmake and downloaded cvs plplot, the following commands should get you up and running:

cd plplot-working-directory
mkdir plplot-build
cd plplot-build
ccmake /path/to/cvs-plplot/directory
make install   (possibly as root)

ccmake is a command-line interface to the cmake command which presents an annotated list of the possible PLplot build options that can be set. (More experienced users may want to use the cmake command directly where all build options are set using -D options.)

The following specific options are recommended at this time:

1. Set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to your installation prefix.
2. Set PLD_wxwidgets to OFF, unless you have a more recent version than that which comes standard with OS-X.
3. Depending on the location of swig, you may have to specify SWIG_DIR.

Things to watch out for:

1. cmake is really good at finding libraries, but not so good at using the same library when multiple 
   options are present. For example, I found that I had no less than 4 versions of Python on my 
   system, and cmake was trying to use all of them for different purposes (library from one, executable 
   from another, etc...). This also a problem for Tcl/Tk where cmake will try really hard to use
   Tk.framework and Tcl.framework instead of the fink equivalents.
2. Once you have specified the location of swig (i.e. SWIG_DIR), you will need to configure again, 
   then set ENABLE_python to ON, then configure again to get python setup properly.

Please see that status page for what is known to work on OS-X.

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