The Greens library by Peter Koval and Stephan Fritzsche

In of my former research projects I wrote a Single Scatter Cluster code (called YaSC) where I made use of “The Greens library”. I found it quite useful to test my own routines against functions of this library as well as the Gnu Scientific Library. While the latter is still around and alive is the Greens library not to be found in the net anymore. Since I found it quite useful and I’m sure it’s useful to others as well I’m publishing the code again.

In the Readme file the Greens library is described as:

This is the C++ Greens library. It provides a tool for calculation of the Coulomb wave functions and Coulomb Green’s functions both in nonrelativistic and relativistic framework.

I found nowhere in the code any license information at all, so I assume it is more or less public domain. The copyright is still by Peter Koval and Stephan Fritzsche. I hope someone finds this useful. This is the unmodified code of Koval and Fritzsche. I made some changes to the code so that it runs on modern Linux distributions and Mac OS X (including a CMakeLists.txt file) but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to distribute it, so I’ll contact the authors first.

Download “The Greens Library”

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