Same swap partition mounted twice (Ubuntu Feisty)

Yesterday I wrote that my swap partition suddenly vanished, only to find out that suddenly my swap partition was mounted twice. “top” showed twice the amount of swap space available and “cat /proc/swaps” listed two entries to the same swap partition (/dev/sda6 and /dev/mapper/sda6). This seems to be a bug in Ubuntu Feisty and the (temporary) solution is to change the “/etc/fstab”. You’ll find a line “UUID=Your_UUID none            swap    sw”. Replace “UUID=..” with the correct device, e.g. “/dev/sda6”. After a reboot the swap partition should only be mounted once (“cat /proc/swaps”). The system boots now faster btw, sometime it hung during the startup.

1 thought on “Same swap partition mounted twice (Ubuntu Feisty)

  1. thanks

    I hope that concludes my permanent crashes as soon as I have hevy memory usage!

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