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In order to be able to configure and compile the PLplot library on a Debian/Ubuntu OS many deb packages need to be installed. Below is a list of the packages needed. Mandatory packages are marked and more information is given if useful. This list can also be used to lookup for other Linux distributions, since the names of the packages are quite similar.


  • libltdl3-dev - dynamic library
  • libqhull-dev


  • subversion (mandatory)
  • eperl (mandatory)
  • xmlto (mandatory)
  • php5 - for test on localhost, don't forget to restart apache2 after install
  • apache2 - for test on localhost
  • openssh-server - for test on localhost


  • texlive-latex-base (mandatory)
  • texinfo (mandatory)
  • openjade (mandatory)
  • jadetex (mandatory)
  • docbook (mandatory)
  • docbook2x (mandatory)
  • libxml-dom-perl (mandatory)
  • docbook-dsssl (mandatory) - DocBook stylesheets for html and print
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