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To take advantage of PLplot's first-class Tcl bindings and examples, it is necessary to install Tcl on Windows. (Note, PLplot's Tk bindings currently depend on X so that Tcl-related component of PLplot will automatically get excluded from Windows builds of PLplot.)

The following directions work on the Linux wine version of Windows. For the Microsoft version of Windows, drop the "wine" from all the following commands and run the *.exe files directly from MSYS-bash instead.

  • Download the ActiveState Windows version of Tcl from
  • Install that version using the "wine ActiveTcl8." command. I chose Z:\home\wine\newstart\tcl\Tcl as the prefix, but choose any unique location that is convenient for you. Everything else I chose was default. The installer encountered one error near the end concerning not being able to find Win32_init, and it ended up by aborting the TEApot setup. This may be a wine idiosyncrasy, but in any case this error did not matter to the subsequent PLplot build. Under bash the above prefix can be referred to using the variable "$TCL_PREFIX=/z/home/wine/newstart/tcl/Tcl". Set this variable to whatever you have chosen to use for the prefix in the above installer.

To make Tcl accessible to the PLplot CMake-based build system, set the following environment variables (where I assume here those environment variables have been set previously which is always the case for PATH and usually the case for the other two).

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