Cerberus is a remake of the old game classic "The Sentinel" which was created by mastermind Geoff Crammond in 1986. In this game a Sentinel, which rules a landscape by distributing the energy represented by trees, boulders and robots, evenly across the landscape, must be absorbed. After the absorption of the Sentinel one becomes himself the ruler of the landscape and is able to leave and hyperspace to the next world.

I wrote this game mainly to learn a game engine like Irrlicht (and because it was most of the time fun). There are already some other "The Sentinel" remakes out there (see links section), most of them free, but none of them open-source and cross platform.

I also tried to code the game very similar to the original. After a first working version I may extend the gameplay and graphics. But there will be always a classic mode - back when the game was published I played it a lot - it was a great game.


Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

More screenshots ...


A lot information about the Game "The Sentinel" from the famous mastermind Geoff Crammond can be found at Wikipedia

There are already some other Sentinel clones and remakes out there, but none is Open Source or cross platform.

To develop this game some great tools were used:


The design of this webpage was taken from - it's called neuphoric. The nice popup effect for the screenshots is done with the help of Slimbox v1.41.

I used several free sounds, music and art for cerberus: